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Altantean Healing Free crystal with our personal therapist!

Altantean Healing is a fast growing new energy healing that has been given to us at this time. This high vibrating energy has been used in the great healing temples of Altantis by the priest and priestesses. This energy was kept in the great pool, until humanity was ready to channel it. The attuments and the healing system is channelled by Birkan Tore. The Altantean Healing technique is a mixture of the ancient and the new Altantean Healing sessions are designed to balance the energy field.

*Altanteaus believed that dis-ease, was a manifestation of imbalance in the energy field* it also focuses on listening to the body and its messages. The energy is high vibrational and powerful, yet feels gentle during the healing session. Altantean healing can be used as a hands on healing, but also without laying on of hands or can be sent as distance healing. The healing will continue to balance the energy field for several hours after the healing session ends. This way there will be no sudden shifts or outbursts of release. The highest good of the client is always the intention. The Practitioner respects the soul path and soul lessons of the client, on their path.

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