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Feng Shui - Affirmation Flag - Wisdom

Feng Shui - Affirmation Flag - Wisdom


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Affirmations are statements or thoughts that are constantly being repeated in our mind, mostly without our being aware of it. It's the continuous inner dialogue going on in our heads. Sometimes the affirmations are below our conscious awareness and can be negative and self limiting. These often draw strength from early childhood memories and experiences - even from those that are false, but their effects can be devastating if they're not dealt with. To lead a more constructive and fuller life we need to reprogram our minds by replacing negative affirmations with positive ones. As a child, how many times were you told that you wouldn't amount to much, that your habits were bad or your sibling is better than you? Most of us have had someone talk down to us which has hit our confidence in some way. These inner voices of doubt and criticism continue to run though our minds even as adults. We carry this emotional baggage and may not even realize we have it! If your inner 'truths' or beliefs aren't exactly working for you they need to be put under the lens for closer study, now is the best time to do so ! Once you have silenced the inner negative voices, you can manifest a better reality using positive affirmations. Do keep in mind that affirmations are not just a string of words put together to be repeated by rote and without feelings. It is an ongoing process of becoming aware of your thoughts and opting to think more positive thoughts that will yield positive results. These streams of thoughts or affirmations create your life's situations and reality as you go along.

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