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Feng Shui - Bagua Mirror  (Temporarily Out Of Stock)

Feng Shui - Bagua Mirror (Temporarily Out Of Stock)


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Out of stock.

Product Description

The Ba Gua is extremely powerful and should be used with care and also respect for others, as when you hang one they deflect the bad energy onto the offending object Examples of negative energy (sha chi) that you may use a ba gua mirror: A large building or corners of a building especially if they are a negative building such as a prison, hospital, police station, military base, animal research centre, government building or similar. Electric power pylons A T-junction where the road points towards the home or office. Very large trees that are too close to a building A telegraph pole or any sort of tower. Slaughter houses and meat processing factories Unsightly structures or landscapes in front of your home or business. An electrical station or sub-station opposite your home or business. A graveyard, cemetery, mortuary or undertakers opposite your home or office. Best replica rolex uk shop for women. Generally schools are ok although some upper schools with a bad reputation (mixed hormones) can give a lot of negative sha qi and I would place a flat ba gua mirror pointing towards the school although if they cause you no problems at all I would not use one. Red, green and gold Ba Gua mirrors The flat ba gua mirrors we sell will always have the colours red, green and gold and In Feng Shui, each colour is representative of different energies; Red – Represents the summer, illumination and growth. Gold – Represents late summer, growth, productivity and success. Green – Represents spring, inspiration and strength. Concave ba gua Mirrors The concave ba gua mirror (bowed inwardly) is used to neutralise and absorb negative energies passively rather than reflecting the energies back, as is the case with flat mirrors (neutral) or more aggressively convex mirrors. A conacave and flat ba gua is an effective and more humane way to disperse harmful energies sha qi without harming those around us. The concave mirror is alos used to bring in positive eneertgy from maybe a junior school or any other positive enerertgy buiding or landscape, either way you should really seek advice from a Feng Shui

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