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Mala Prayer Beads

Mala Prayer Beads


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Product Description

Beginning a New Day Each morning when you wake up, reach for your prayer beads. Let the texture awaken your fingers, and allow this vitality to permeate your entire body. Now you are ready to set your intentions for the day. These can include anything you would like to emphasize: listening to people more carefully, telling the truth, being grateful for small things. As you make your way through your day, touching the beads will return you to your initial intentions. Walking in the Present Moment As you move from place to place during the day, use these moments to acknowledge the transition between tasks. Bring your beads into the palm of your hand, and let their texture remind you to feel your feet on the floor and take a breath, feeling both the inhalation and exhalation. You might have your beads tucked away in your pocket, or, you might wear your strand on a leather thong around your neck. Be creative in ways to make your prayer beads accessible to you. Grounding Practice During important conversations or even thinking about things by ourselves, we can find ourselves getting caught up in "what was" and "what if." You can use your beads for grounding when you find yourself worrying about the past or the future. When things get difficult, take up your beads and allow their pleasing weight to bring you into the present moment. You will then be able to see more clearly into the current situation. By remaining grounded in the present, you will be more open to listening and accepting life as it is, rather than as you wish it to be. Calming your emotions: Some people find themselves feeling very emotional in a situation at some point during the day. These emotions cause one to sometimes do irrational things. This could be regarding a work situation, your spouse or other family member or pretty much anything. When this occurs, take out your prayer beads and feel their smooth textures, consider their pleasing weight, observe their unique colors and absorb their beauty and eternal patience. This will help you feel more cause over the situation and will calm your anger or extreme emotion about something and allow you to see the situation rationally and come up with a solution. Try it! Ending the Day When you are in bed and ready for sleep, pick up your beads and let their texture resonate in your body. As you rediscover each bead passing through your fingers, let yourself feel grateful for your day. It's also important to recognize the pain we might have caused or experienced. By acknowledging the truth of who we are, we can change and grow. As you approach sleep, breathe in and out with an awareness of your body. As you breathe in, focus on your toes, and on the exhalation, relax them. Continue breathing and moving up your entire body until you reach to the top of your head. It's perfectly okay to fall asleep while you are moving up the entire length of your body.

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