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Sterling Silver  Pendant Ornate Celtic Cross  Lapis Lazuli

Sterling Silver Pendant Ornate Celtic Cross Lapis Lazuli


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Product Description

Ornate Celtic Cross + Lapis Lazuli Pendant (Sterling Silver) A Celtic cross is a type of cross that features a circle around the point where the four lines intersect. The four arms of the cross can be seen as representing the elements (earth, air, fire and water), compass points (north, south, east and west) or four parts of the human body (body, mind, heart and soul). Lapis lazuli is a combination of lazurite and calcite. Sometimes pyrite is also present. Lapis lazuli, or lapis as it's often simply called, is a crystal that's oozing in spiritual energy. In a sense, it's a timeless stone, which symbolises our spiritual selves at their most expansive and wide open state, where we are able to learn anything we desire to know. As a tool, lapis lazuli can act as a reminder to us that the subtle spiritual realms are there and open to connection and exploration.

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