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Copper Bottle with screw cap - Ohm - printed

Copper Bottle with screw cap - Ohm - printed


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Product Description

Copper drinking flasks now in :) Copper Bottle with screw cap - Ohm - printed Yogi & Yogini copper bottles Bottles made from copper (tamba) have been used in India for over 2000 years. According to Ayurveda, the ancient art in India, drinking the water stored in a copper bottle brings balance in the three energies—known as Dosha (Vata-air elements, Kappa-water elements and Pitta-fire elements) - that circulate inside the human body. Yogi & Yogini copper bottles have been especially designed and created keeping these benefits of copper in mind. • The pleasure of drinking pure water • Only suitable for water. Not for milk, citrus and acidic liquids Cleaning & Maintenance instructions Do not wash the bottle in a dishwasher Clean with natural dish soap, soft sponge and room temperature water To shine use lemon wedges or a copper polish Do not expose to direct sunlight NB: As a result of oxidation, the colour of a copper bottle will change over time. Also, it is natural for copper to show 'stains'. Both are a result of the natural properties of copper and have no negative effect on drinking water from a bottle like this one.

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