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Jewellery - Bracelet - Crystal - Citrine

Jewellery - Bracelet - Crystal - Citrine


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Citrine Crystal System: Trigonal Type By Manner of Formation: Primary Mineral Class: Oxide, Quartz Group Colour: Yellow Citrine is often referred to as the, “Success Stone”. Emitting the power to boost one’s individuality, self confidence and the courage to face and conquer life’s challenges. These positive forces make Citrine the ideal crystal for stimulating abundance and wealth by augmenting one’s dynamism.. This type of quartz can help us to digest impressions we have received, heightening clarity in meditation. Also, It can help one overcome depression and encourages a desire for new experiences and self realization. Physically, Citrine stimulates the digestive systems, promoting the working of the stomach, spleen and pancreas and can even alleviate diabetes. Citrine also fortifies the nerves and has a warming effect. Mythology Until the 16th century, the term “citrine” was used for many yellow coloured stones such as yellow beryl and zircon as the word citrine is derived from the Latin word for yellow (citrina). It wasn’t until 1546 that the term was first used to clearly refer to yellow quartz.Modern Citrine was then said to be able to strengthen the intellect and provoke a sunny disposition or “joie de vivre”. Mineralogy Citrine is a yellow crystal quartz that derives its colour from minimum amounts of additional iron and from slightly ionizing radiation. By contrast to amethyst, the iron in citrine is present in its three-valent form. Citrine is formed hydrothermally in druses and clefts.

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