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Meditation - CD - Kindred Souls by Juliana featuring Llewellyn

Meditation - CD - Kindred Souls by Juliana featuring Llewellyn


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From one time to another, the secular and sacred voices of people, bird-song and waterfall describe the continuing and repeating patterns of life, Featuring the poignant beautiful voice of Juliana, the simple, melodies that flow,weave and reflect traditional instruments and cultures, putting them together in an harmonious whole, James Harry’s string-sounds, flute and Rhodes Piano, while the quietest, haunting saxophone of Jez Guest is carried along on a featherbed of with Charles Trott soloing on the acoustic guitar. 1. Kindred Souls, part 1 2. The Past 3. Sacred and the Secular 4. Kindred Souls, part 2 5. Kindred Souls, part 3 6. The Present 7. Patterns of Life 8. Kindred Souls, part 4 Running Time: approx 60 Minutes

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