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Meditation - CD - Pure Massage Music by Al Rodriguez

Meditation - CD - Pure Massage Music by Al Rodriguez


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Pure MASSAGE Music The power of music should never be underestimated. Composed and performed by the renowned Al Rodriguez, this beautiful new album will expertly take the listener to an inner state of calm, relaxation & peace. With its soft, subtle melodies that gently flow through the entire album, one cannot help but relax. Specifically created with Massage and other complementary therapies in mind, this album is just over an hour long, allowing the practicioner to concentrate on the treatment without worrying the music will stop. Pure MASSAGE Music is also a 'must have' for some personal relaxation time too. It simply will not disappoint. Track Listing 1. Time To Unwind 6:09 2. Bid Farewell To Tension 11:47 3. Pure Relaxation 11:08 4. Dream On 10:32 5. Floating in Peace 8:06 6. The Caress of Calmness 11:51 7. Rested & Uplifted 4:22

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