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Meditation - CD - The Wishing Tree by Llewllyn

Meditation - CD - The Wishing Tree by Llewllyn


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Breeze-swaying gently in the summer meadow, the Wishing Tree stands, quiet and alone, patiently and peacefully holding safe for Eternity the secret wishes of the soul. 1. The Wishing Tree, part 2. A Secret Wish 3. Standing Still 4. The Wishing Tree, part 2 5. The Wishing Tree, part 3 6. In a Quiet Place 7. A Peace Within 8. The Wishing Tree, part 4 Approx Running Time: 60 minutes. Jez Guest's midi-flute sings with intuitive melody against James Harry's piano and string-sound arrangements, giving a tender evocation of the peace and magic that is within trees. Relaxing music at its very best, crafted by one of today's leading ambient music composers and producers. James has used his keyboard skills to the fullest on this lovely album.

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