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Boji Stones

Boji Stones


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Product Description

(Product may vary) The greatest benefit from the Boji to man is gained in keeping it within your energy field, for its balanced energy will intercept the messages from nerves to cells with messages of balance. This benefits the cells of the body in ways of healing and rejuvenating. Boji Stones were created as our earth was being created, and thus are as old as the earth itself. The balanced energy joins with the elements and powers that formed the earth also formed the Bji. Thus the Boji became a container for the energies of balance. The Bojis are found around the bottom of an natural earth pyramid several stories high. They are uncovered as the earth erodes from them, and are found growing on stems. Geologists say this pyramid is on the heart of the United States. Bojis are a total blend of fossil. They are 7.4 hardness. Unlike any other stone, they are held together by the energy within. If the energy in a Boji is depleted or destroyed, the stone changes molecule structure from 7.4 to dust. Geologists find that this is a most unusual aspect of the Boji stone. The land were we gather the Bojis was considered to be a sacred place by the American Indians. (They) are concentrated earth stones (that) elicits energies to assist in balancing the aligning the chakras. In Atlantis, Boji energy was used for refining the energy within each cell by placing a Boji on each chakra. When one or two Bojis are set on the right polarity of the body, pain can be removed in minutes. Kirlian photography shows that the Bojis close up holes (in the aura) and balance the energy field of the human body. For balancing the body, it is best to use a pair of Bojis, one crystalized male and one smooth female. Use the male on the left side of the body and the female on the right side. When using a pair of Bojis, start by holding them as you would two magnets. While holding them in your fingers, move them back and forth from each other. If you do not feel a slight push or pull sensation, turn one Boji over and repeat until you feel this slight sensation. They way they are facing each other when you get the strongest feeling is the side of the Boji that you lay on the body. Bojis are not magnetic, but they have a balanced polarity and do work best when the polarity is set correct. Bojis can be used to balance meridian points of the body in place of acupuncture needles or acupressure. Handle your Bojis often and give them some sunlight once or twice a week.

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