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Shungite Necklace

Shungite Necklace


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Product Description

PHYSICAL EFFECTS: Shungite has beneficial physical effects as an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergen, anti-oxidant, absorber of negative substances, & anti-bacterial. These effects are most effective when drinking shungite water and are related to the fullerenes from shungite. SPIRITUAL & EMOTIONAL HEALING: said to boost energy levels and relieve anxiety & stress. Meditating with shungite in each hand can be a very powerful healing experience. EMF & HARMFUL RADIATION: In today's society it is impossible to avoid potentially harmful Electromagnetic Fields. Shungite can be used to block or diminish EMFs. Pendants, mobile phone stickets, pyramids and other shapes are commonly used for this purpose. CHAKRA BALANCING - Wearing a shungite pendant over the heart chakra is the most effective as it is the most receptive chakra. The balancing is very powerful as emotions & thoughts causing pain will come up which leads us to examine them. Shungite neutralizes energy from a blocked or over-active chakra.

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